The Knitting Planner by jen geigley


I’m super excited to share something I’ve been working on for a long time. I’ve always wanted a knitting planner … a place for my sketches and knitting project planning, but a space to keep track of my daily life stuff too.


Introducing … The Knitting Planner. A planner just for knitters!

Plan and organize your life … and your knit life! The Knitting Planner is a must-have for any knitter or knitwear designer and includes project planning pages, brainstorming pages, lists, knitter's graph paper and more. In addition to providing pages to plan and record projects, The Knitting Planner functions as a day-to-day planner with monthly and weekly pages with plenty of room for writing and/or bullet journaling.

The Knitting Planner will give you a place to record all your important knitting information, like the measurements of friends and family and yarn requirements for projects you want to knit. At 6 x 9", this planner is the perfect size to throw into your knitting bag and with 240 pages awaiting your notes, dreams and ideas, you'll fall in love with this planner and knitting companion.

You can find it here. (I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!)

Happy knitting!
xo - Jen

New favorite knitting gadget ... the Knitter's Pride Row Counter Ring by jen geigley


I love knitting gadgets, but I love them even more when they are super functional and help me be more productive. This is quite possibly my most favorite knitting tool ever – a row counter ring from Knitter’s Pride. You can wear it on any finger, but I find it very comfortable and easy to access on my thumb. (I got the size 7, which fits both my ring finger and my thumb.) It comes in four sizes so you can find the perfect fit for you.


I was working on my fleegle heel on my Flourite socks last night and this row counter ring was a lifesaver. I normally count rows in the most old-fashioned way possible … stopping after each row to make tally marks on a post-it note. I still forget to mark my rows down half the time, especially when I’m trying to zip through a bunch of short rows. But this ring made such a difference – it’s right there in front of me and it’s super easy to ‘click’ to the next number. And the numbers stay in place – they won’t accidentally slide around while you work. Just gently push inward toward the center to move to the next number. I love not having to set my work down. Just keep knitting!

I definitely think this should be on every knitter’s holiday wish list! Find more info about the Knitter’s Pride row counter ring here. Available from your local yarn shop or favorite online retailer.

Disclaimer: I received a free row counter ring from Knitter’s Pride and in return I wrote this honest review. All opinions are my own.

Love + Leche by jen geigley


A couple of years ago, I tried Love + Leche lotion bars and they quickly became one of my very favorite things. As a knitter/crafter/mom, lotion bars are the perfect daily solution for my dry hands. There are lots of things to love about Love + Leche, a farm fresh and woman-owned company that makes all-natural handmade moisturizing bars, so I was excited to try out their new Little Bee beeswax lotion bars. They are absolutely delightful (and adorable.)


Little Bee bars are the perfect size for travel, your knitting bag, your purse … they’ll even fit right into your pocket. I’m actually packing my weekend bag right now for a road trip, and yup - you guessed it. My Little Bee bar is definitely going into the bag.


(And also into my knitting bag.)


Little Bee lotion bars are available in Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Lavender-Mint, Citrus-Rose, Lavender, Lavender-Rosemary and Unscented. I have tried both the Cedarwood and Lavender scents, and they smell so lovely when they’re on your skin. I’m a big fan of essential oils, so natural scents plus a beeswax lotion bar are truly the best of both worlds. (Is it weird to deeply inhale and enjoy the smell of your hands all day? I don’t think so.)


I own the full-sized lotion bar in Lemongrass, which is also quite lovely. I’ve included a pic here of the original lotion bar (left) alongside the new Little Bee bars (right) so you can see the size difference. Each Little Bee bar comes with a reusable tin, which I love.

Take a look at the gorgeous hand-poured reliefs of these bars. I just love those little bee designs. They are truly a joy to hold in your hand and they radiate a gorgeous, natural golden honey color. Pure local beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil infused with locally-grown certified organic calendula flowers, essential oils are the only things that go into these products.


And they’re not just for hands! You can use Little Bee lotion bars on your lips, dry elbows and feet … wherever you need some extra TLC. Your body temperature softens the oils and beeswax and your skin will feel replenished and deeply moisturized. Need a cool gift for a knitter in your life, or anyone really? Check out their gift sets and other awesome products. Try them all, or share with a friend.

So, you're ready to give Love + Leche a try, right? Well, I have a super sweet deal for you!

Get a FREE Little Bee Lotion Bar ($8 value)
with a $25 minimum order when you enter
the coupon code 'JenGeigley' at checkout.
(Expires 7/31/18)

Awesome, right? Treat yourself to an all-natural lotion bar or balm and say goodbye to dry hands. Enter the coupon code above, hit the 'Apply Coupon' button and you're all set. Also, follow Love + Leche on Facebook if you have a sec. You'll love their beautiful photos.

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A huge thank you to Love + Leche for letting me try out the Little Bee lotion bars and for the awesome coupon for my blog friends. Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.)

Ra-Ra-Rafia from Wool and the Gang (and get 15% off!) by jen geigley


Have you seen the new Ra-Ra-Rafia yarn from Wool and the Gang? I'm completely obsessed. I need to make every single one of these projects.


There are about a million reasons to love Ra-Ra Raffia, our superstar yarn that's made of 100% long wood fibre. Biodegradable and vegan, Ra-Ra Raffia will add a little structure to your next project, making it the perfect fiber for summer hats, bags and home accessories. Plus, Ra-Ra Raffia is water-repellent and quick-drying, so you can even bring her to the beach for some sand-filled adventures.


Clutches, bags, hats, a plant hanger and more ... you've gotta see these project kits for yourself.  Ra-Ra Raffia yarn comes in 4 natural shades - Cinnamon Dust, Ivory White, Desert Palm and Midnight Blue.

Shop at WATG using my affiliate link to get 15% off your order!

Have fun!
xo - Jen

Happy Pi Day (a knitted pie crust) by jen geigley


Are you a knitting knerd like me? (Yes?) Then you might enjoy making a faux-knitted lattice pie crust on your next pie. It's not difficult ... it just takes a bit of time. And pie is always delicious. So what are we waiting for?


First off, this was based off a post I saw on craftberry bush. (And my pie turned out differently than hers, so be sure to check out her photos too.) I would personally recommend buying two boxes of Pilsbury Pie Crust (two crusts in each box) to be sure you have enough to work with. I'm sure a homemade crust made from scratch would be delicious but the Pilsbury crusts roll up very neatly and nicely. Use a pizza cutter to slice up one whole crust. Place the other one (uncut) in a pie plate. Save the other two in case you need them later.


Roll up your strips into 'snakes'. Take two snakes and twist them from top to bottom, right over left. Then take two more and twist them, left over right. These twists make a pair – lay them side by side on a cutting board.


Keep going until you have enough twist pairs to cover your pie. Use an extra crust if you need to make more.


Lay the twist pairs on top of your pie and gently smush the ends onto the bottom crust.


If you'd like, use part of the extra crust in the second box to make one more larger roll that you can place around the edge as a crust.


Bake it and you're done. The end. Happy Pi Day, and happy knitting.

The Gold Medal Hat (Chloe Kim's hat) by jen geigley

It's THE hat! The hat we all saw on the night the USA women's snowboarding team competed in PyeongChang, when Chloe Kim won the gold. It caught my attention right away, which is no surprise ... you all know I love the bulky knits! I saw this hat all over instagram and facebook because every knitter I knew loved it too. So of course, I wrote up a quick pattern and knitted this baby the very next day. (Scroll down to download it for FREE!)


Find the pattern on Ravelry here or click this link to download it for FREE.

AND! If you're interested in a custom USA patch to stitch onto your hat, check out this shop! They'll hook you up.

Happy Olympics, happy knitting. Go USA!

xo - Jen

Holiday Gift Guide by jen geigley

As the holidays get closer, it's cool to shop small. It's also cool to support women. I've put together a list of a few of my favorite women-owned businesses and some super neat gift giving ideas. Check it!

First up… Moop. I have been a huge fan of Moop bags for years. And I own quite a few. Backpacks, clutches, totes, messenger bags and more. They are my go-to everyday bags and I know you (or anyone on your list) will absolutely love them too.

Check out Lilla Barn, a rad clothing shop owned by my friend Bergen. She makes clothing for kids and women, and also has hand-dyed goods for your home (like these super cool tea towels.) Everything is handmade in Chicago.

Eden is my favorite DSM stop to find a thoughtful gift (or just to treat myself to something special.) If you're shopping for someone who seems to already have everything, hit up this shop – they'll help you find the perfect gift every time. Owned by my awesome friend Jen, Eden is a bath, baby, and home boutique carrying hard to find products you'd never believe would be available in Iowa. Plus they throw the best parties. <3

Hill Vintage & Knits is my Des Moines yarn store home and my friends Erica and Jess are entrepreneurial badasses. They have an awesome selection of yarns like Hedgehog Fibers, Malabrigo, Noro, Madeline Tosh, Dyed in the Wool, Wool and the Gang and more. AND they have vintage clothing and home goods too, too. In case you need a rad dress for a NYE party, a Lee denim jacket of a set of E.T. juice glasses.

And I know you know my friend Gaye of GGMadeIt ... knitter extraordinaire! GG is an absolute ray of light – she is always sharing the coolest knitting projects online and she always knows what's up. But did you know she sells her signature Yarn Ho t-shirts, plus mugs and tote bags too? Find everything here. She is also offering gorgeous hand-knit accessories (all made by GG!) here.

And then there's my talented friend Laura from XO-LP. Highlighters + markers + wit. She hand-illustrates all kinds of cool things – cards, t-shirts, coloring books, custom stationery, Thanksgiving table runners that kids can color ... you name it. Her lunchbox notes were just featured in Martha Stewart Living Online! So cool.

Domestica is my favorite modern indie handmade shop here in DSM, IA (and they have a full online + print shop too!) Domestica has the best super cool home and personal accessories – rad prints and pieces to help you spruce up your nest, and the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Broad City drinking glasses? YAS.

Coolest gift giving idea ever? An online/long-distance tarot reading by my awesome friend Kristi, or a deck of her very own (stunning) Ritual Oracle tarot cards. K lives in CA, but you can ask her a question from wherever you are ... then prepare to be floored by her guidance and perspective. She offers mini or full readings. And did I mention her deck is GORGEOUS? It is. I have one of my very own. And I love it so much. Find her online shop here.

If you are a knitter (or know a knitter), chances are that you are already familiar with Fringe Supply Co. This online shop has THE coolest knitting/crafting tools imaginable. Just a few items I'm obsessing over this season are the birch knitting needle sets, the leather wrist ruler, any and all of the Boukhou bags and gray canvas Field Bag. Swoon. If you're looking for a gift for your favorite knitter, this is your one-stop shop.

If you know me IRL, you know I'm in love with everything Blackbird. This Seattle design house uses innovative materials and concepts to create perfumes, incense, men's grooming, tea and accessories for everyone. Definitely one of my favorite things in life.

And last but not least, I can't put together a gift guide without mentioning my knitting books WEEKEND and EVERYDAY. Treat yourself to these gorgeously photographed books full of simple, modern designs. These books make fantastic gifts – don't forget to add them to your wish list! Find them here (and keep an eye out for a Black Friday deal you won't want to miss!)

Behind the scenes (of Book no. 2) by jen geigley

I've been sketching, dreaming, knitting and writing my latest hand-knit collection for the past year or so, and now it's finally time to put all the pieces together. I look forward to this part the very most. Once again I'm collaborating with my local dream team Joelle Blanchard and Joey Leaming, plus my gorgeous model friends Chantell Moody and Valerie Sanders. I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to work alongside these comrades of mine who just have creativity oozing from their bones. We laughed and listened to records this past week, and I think we've captured every stitch and tiny detail.

The photos have been shot. The patterns are receiving their final tech edits. The layout is coming together. Here we go again ... and I hope you'll come along for the ride. Book no. 2 (title still in the works) will be released later this month. Tell your mama. Tell your friends. Tell anyone whose heart can comprehend. <3

Braided – now available in Danish! by jen geigley


A few years ago (well, gosh – it was back in 2010!) I wrote a knitting pattern called 'Braided', which is a nice cozy headband/earwarmer. Every so often, I'll get a message from a lovely knitter on Ravelry who offers to translate a pattern for a different language. Which is so extremely cool and kind of them! I love spreading knitting love around the globe, I do.

Thanks to Marianne Holmen of Denmark, Braided has been translated to Danish! You can find the tranlated PDF right here.

Lykkelig strikning! (Happy knitting!)