'VISIONS KIDS' is a collection of 9 hAND-KNit patterns that you can knit and then alter with bleach, dye or paint.


The art of knitting. It can be fun, playful and expressive. A ball of yarn can be transformed into just about anything in the hands of a knitter, and in this book I hope to show you how your knitted fabric can become your canvas. I love knitting for kids and teaching kids how to knit. ‘Visions Kids’ is a celebration of both of those things.

In this collection you’ll find modern knits for kids that are wearable and ready to be customized. Let go, break the rules and embrace the unexpected. While this book won’t teach you how to knit, it’s a great place for new knitters to start.

I had so much fun creating the pieces in this collection. Spreading them out on newspapers and flinging paint and bleach in an intentional, yet very careless, arbitrary way. I can’t wait to share this with you.

Many knits in this book were altered in some way after the knitting process was complete and some were left untouched. The dyeing, bleaching and painting techniques are optional. Each piece in this collection can be knitted and left as-is, or you can take it a step further and used mixed media to create something brand new. I will show you how with techniques explained at the end of this book. And never fear – you will be using swatches to test the different outcomes of your artistic experiments before you decide to dip-dye or hand-paint your knits. I dare you to try something new. I don’t believe in mistakes. Trust your creativity and let your knits become what they want to be.


Order your hard copy of 'VISIONS KIDS' + a free digital PDF copy for $27 + shipping. Hard copies of 'VISIONS KIDS' are paperback with a soft matte finish on the cover. Gorgeously photographed, this 140-page 9 pattern collection will look fantastic on your knitting resource shelf or your coffee table. Look for the PDF download link (for your electronic copy of the book) in your confirmation email.


RAVELRY – PDF ebook + PDF individual patterns

I have also listed each individual pattern for sale on Ravelry, along with the full PDF ebook.




'VISIONS KIDS' is available on Amazon.com.