Happy Pi Day (a knitted pie crust) / by jen geigley


Are you a knitting knerd like me? (Yes?) Then you might enjoy making a faux-knitted lattice pie crust on your next pie. It's not difficult ... it just takes a bit of time. And pie is always delicious. So what are we waiting for?


First off, this was based off a post I saw on craftberry bush. (And my pie turned out differently than hers, so be sure to check out her photos too.) I would personally recommend buying two boxes of Pilsbury Pie Crust (two crusts in each box) to be sure you have enough to work with. I'm sure a homemade crust made from scratch would be delicious but the Pilsbury crusts roll up very neatly and nicely. Use a pizza cutter to slice up one whole crust. Place the other one (uncut) in a pie plate. Save the other two in case you need them later.


Roll up your strips into 'snakes'. Take two snakes and twist them from top to bottom, right over left. Then take two more and twist them, left over right. These twists make a pair – lay them side by side on a cutting board.


Keep going until you have enough twist pairs to cover your pie. Use an extra crust if you need to make more.


Lay the twist pairs on top of your pie and gently smush the ends onto the bottom crust.


If you'd like, use part of the extra crust in the second box to make one more larger roll that you can place around the edge as a crust.


Bake it and you're done. The end. Happy Pi Day, and happy knitting.