Laird's hat from GIRLS / by jen geigley

I was just reading the story behind Laird's hand-knit hat from your favorite t.v. show and mine, Girls. And then I thought – wow – I'm pretty sure I knitted a super similar hat once! I found a photo of it and yes. There it is. LAIRD. I made this hat in 2009 and it was the first time I knitted a hat with stripes and it was the first time I made up my own pattern. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Anyway, you have to read this cute story about Laird's hat on Girls. It's the actor's personal hat! Here you go.

You could argue that the most iconic accessory on Girls is Laird’s colorful beanie—and it’s a very special item that’s apparently very near and dear to actor Jon Glaser’s heart. 'That is actually Jon’s personal beanie,” reveals costume designer Jenn Rogien. “It was handed down to him from his dad, and it’s the most precious thing we have on the show because it is literally one of a kind.'

The woolly family heirloom is treated with reverence. 'Jon brings it to us on his first day of work, in a Ziploc bag wrapped in tissue, and we hold on to it and give it back to him on his last day,' says Rogien. 'It’s become such a signature part of his character that if I lose that beanie, I’m dead!'

I love random blogging. Sorry I've been MIA recently ...  I've been working hard on exciting new things and trying to get my groove back in all areas. All angles. Happy Friday.