Fresh off the needles / by jen geigley

Welcome to my wardrobe, new chunky oversized sweater! I just finished knitting this guy over the weekend. This pattern is called 'Ranch' and was designed by the wonderful Martin Storey. I used my favorite bulky yarn, Rowan Big Wool in color 17/Smoky. It's one of those colors that sometimes looks gray and sometimes looks kind of navy. I love it.

I have a weird tendency to accidentally knit things that are a little bit too large for me, and I made this in a size medium. The sleeves are pretty long and the fit is definitely loose. I love big comfy sweaters, so I'm cool with it ... but I can't help thinking about ripping back and knitting a small instead. We will see.

I absolutely love this sweater and pattern in every way; the fit and shaping is really well done. I'm just wondering if I'd wear it more if it was a size smaller. It's such a fast knit that I know I could re-knit it relatively quickly! 

(What do you think? Leave it as-is or re-knit?) 

Also ... photo creds go to Lotus. Isn't she a great photographer? I think she's pretty great. :)