Rainbow Loom Valentines (with free printable cards!) / by jen geigley

I haven't done a D.I.Y. here in awhile, but today I have a super fun one to share. Lotus has been a Rainbow Loom bracelet machine lately. And if your kids are as obsessed as she is, I have the perfect Valentine project for you. To make V-Day a piece of cake this year, I've designed some colorful printable Valentine cards and you can download them for free!

Everyone loves getting a friendship bracelet, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to share the love. Get your kids to whip up a Rainbow Loom bracelet for each of their friends. Then download and print these Valentines onto letter-sized card stock. Trim them to size and you're practically done! I used a paper punch to make half-circle notches on the sides of the card to help hold the bracelets in place, but you can skip this step if you want. I'm pretty confident the rubber bands would stay in place without the notches.

Easy and fun. Your kids will think these Valentines are cool and you won't have to buy a whole bag of candy. (Win!)

Download the cards here:

You're Cool - set of 4 printable Valentines

Friends Forever - set of 4 printable Valentines

These Valentines are for private use only. Please don't re-distribute. When showing them on your blog or website, please credit HeyJenRenee and link back to this post (not directly to the file downloads).