room tour: the kids' quarters / by jen geigley

Since our new addition to the fam arrived, we have settled each kid into their own room. Lo moved to a new bedroom and we converted her old room into the baby's nursery. Which has been fun. We're still doing a little rearranging as we all get situated but I wanted to share how things turned out. First up! Bowen's room.
Bo and I decided to hang up some skateboard decks above our Eames rocking chair, and our new little guy is already pretty intrigued by the bold patterns. Seriously. He likes to stare at those decks!
Typical necessities: a crib, a laundry basket and lots of books.
These shelves hold metal bins that are perfect for storing bath towels, burp cloths and hats/mittens. Below that is a Vespa print (from OrignauxMoose,) a Parker Jacobs (of Yo Gabba Gabba/Paul Frank fame) banana print, and some of Bo's old wooden toys. I scored the skateboard hook/rack on clearance at Target several years ago. Below that is a pull-out toy box from the STUVA storage system from IKEA.
And that's our baby boy's room. I'm sure we'll change it up as he grows but I think we're off to a good start.
Next up is our girly-girl's room. Which is also home to several My Little Ponies, Yo Gabba Gabba characters and LaLaLoopsy dolls. Lo's new bedroom was an interesting project, as this space actually used to be part of our living room.
Bo and his dad transformed what was formerly a lounge area with couches into Lo's new big-girl bedroom with a little bit of drywall, a closet and some lighting. We hardly ever used our old seating area so we were happy that we were able to convert it into much-needed bedroom space so that each of the kids could have their own room.
We knew that our little clothes horse of a daughter would need a dresser, but we didn't have a ton of room for a wide piece of furniture. This vertical dresser was the perfect solution and is part of the STUVA storage system from IKEA. The deer print and metal L are from Urban Outfitters.
Lo has tons of tiny toys with tiny parts that need a home, so this modular bookshelf with storage boxes works well to keep little things in their place. Above the bookshelf, we hung a metal magnet board to display her artwork. It's the perfect way to allow her to change up whatever she feels like displaying whenever she wants. Without gobs of tape stuck to the walls.  :)

Here are the bright contents of this little girl's closet. She has some super fun stuff in there.  :)
And that's pretty much it! The spaces where they will live, play and pretend. I remember loving my childhood bedroom; I would happily spend hours in there drawing and reading and playing with toys. I hope my kids end up enjoying their rooms just as much.