baby pictures / by jen geigley

One week ago, I was here. With my one-day-old baby boy. It's only been a week but what a week it's been. Here are some of our favorite photos of how the baby life has been going.
Here's how it all started – with a crazy fast delivery and a healthy little guy.

This is Allie, our labor and delivery nurse (who is also Bo's cousin.) We loved having her there with us and she was seriously amazing. 
 Little Bowie, one day old.
Lo's first visit was the sweetest thing ever.

She's a natural. 
My sleepy boys. 
One last hospital room service meal.
Time to pack up.
And go home. 
Where we've settled in quite nicely. It's pretty much snuggles all day.
  And little conversations with our new one.
I love the tiny white t-shirts. The tiny socks and diapers. The tiny hands that already have such a strong grip. The tiny cries and hiccups. I'm drinking it all in because I know too well how fast he'll change and grow. So I'm enjoying the tininess. Enjoying my babe.