handmade for baby / by jen geigley

So, it's probably about time that I shared some tiny newborn knits that my new baby boy has been wearing. Some of them were made by me, but lots of them were super sweet (and gorgeous) gifts from family and friends. Anyone knows that a knitter truly appreciates something handmade, and everything you see here is extra special.
First up is this adorable tiny button-down sweater that my good friend Sarah made for little Bowen.
To make it even more fantastic, she used hand-dyed yarn made by our pal DianeAnd she started knitting this at our winter knitting retreat ... right in front of me! Sneaky friend. I had no idea this cute sweater would be for my little guy.
If you're interested in making one of these, the pattern she used is the Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker. (So so so cute!)
Next up is a gift from Grandma. My mom is a talented crocheter, and she made this awesome turquoise blanket for Bowie's room. I don't think she used a specific pattern, because her stitching knowledge is all stored in her brain, but I do know it's a shell pattern with a shell edge.
While I was pregnant last winter, I spent a couple of evenings knitting up some quick and tiny chunky hats. I made up the pattern for these, since the yarn was chunky (making the math easy) and just made a couple of modifications to two of them so they weren't all exactly the same. These are so incredibly small!
(I'm pretty sure he's saying "Noooooo, mom. Don't make me wear the one with the pom-pom!")
I also made a quick organic cotton newborn hat for this spring. The pattern I used is Welcome to the World Newborn Hat by Nona.
It's a little thinner than the chunky winter hats and I think it will be perfect for our walks and outings this spring. And even though the pattern is for a newborn, I think this hat will fit for awhile. It was definitely too big at first (and still is) and has a good bit of stretch to it, so I think we'll be good for awhile.
And oh my, check these out! My awesome friend Amy knitted Bowie these super rad striped knit pants! They are too cool. I couldn't have him model them quite yet because they're a little bit too big, but they'll be a perfect fit this fall. I can't wait for him to wear these!
Finally, this sweater (which is the same sweater shown in the very first pic above) is the one I was working on while I was pregnant. The pattern is New Babeh by Kayla Dyches. I love love love this sweater, which was knit with Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran cotton. It's super soft and basic. If you're looking for a simple unisex newborn sweater to knit up for someone special, give this one a try. 

That's about it for now! Do you have any go-to knitting or crochet patterns for newborns?