baby knits / by jen geigley

Just in time, it's a set! I knitted an entire baby set! (Well, no pants. But who really wants hand-knit pants?) You might remember the little gray sweater from a few months ago. I had a bunch of yarn leftover, so yay! More baby knits.
I made a super simple newborn hat. In no time flat.
And even more speedily, I knocked out a pair of these baby mitts. They are too tiny and adorable for words, people.
All three pieces were knit with Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran by Rowan (in zinc.) I think I used three skeins, total. You can find all of the other knitterly details here. The patterns I used were: New Babeh by Kayla Dyches, Welcome to the World Newborn Hat by Nona and Baby Mitts by Susan B. Anderson. I love tiny knits, I do.