baby knits / by jen geigley

I'm gearing up for a knitting retreat this weekend with four of my most favorite knitting girlfriends. I absolutely cannot wait for a whole weekend of uninterrupted knitting time with them. We always manage to cause a little trouble, but in a good way. To get ready, I've been scouring Ravelry and my pattern books for the perfect projects to work on. I've picked out a hat and mitten pattern that I want to make for myself, a quick cowl pattern for Lo, but I've also been looking for one more baby project to possibly work on. I have managed to crank out one baby sweater for the little dude, and I have a baby hat and mitts set in progress, but not much else. Here are some of my favorite things that I've found so far. (All photos were taken by the pattern designers.)

 Latte Baby Sweater by Liselotte Weller


 Chunky Pea Pod by Paige Marecle

Zozo Pixie Cables by Amanda Keeys

What are some of your go-to knitting patterns for babies? (And what should I start knitting now?)  :)