hello party / by jen geigley

So, obviously a little girl's birthday party calls for cute invites. My creative mother-in-law suggested this ribbon idea after Lotus settled on Hello Kitty this year, and these were super fun to make. I hand-cut the faces out (okay, the whiskers were not the easiest to navigate around) but I think they look pretty sweet.
I didn't actually tie the ribbon into bows, but glued it down (kind of in a loop) and then wrapped another shorter piece around the middle and glued it down to make the 'knot.'
And the rest of the weekend party prep is in full swing around here. Pink decorations, more pink decorations, and pink decorations with pink decorations on top, per Lo's request. I'm giving Bakerella's cake pops a try (omg, check out the Hello Kitty ones.) We'll see how it all turns out!