hello four / by jen geigley

Over the weekend, we celebrated this smiley little girl's birthday. We had two parties (which is just a little bit more manageable for us ... one for the kiddos, one for family.) Looking at these photos makes me realize how much older she's starting to look. It's totally surreal. She's four!
Everything in our house was pink. Lots and lots of pink. Because, like Lola says, pink is perfect for parties.
There was also lots of Hello Kitty. And you've gotta admit ... Hello Kitty is all kinds of fun.
My apologies to the moms of the kids I fed all of this sugar to. I somehow wound up making a cake, cupcakes, and Bakerella-style cake pops. I couldn't stop myself. It was so bad and so decadent that I almost forgot to put out the bowl of fruit ... the one and only healthy thing I had to offer. 
This girl is pure sweetness.
And I'm sort of a sucker for her charming ways. (The hugs are totally worth all of the time I spent on those sweet treats.)
But yeah, like I said, we had two parties this weekend. So we're kind of tired out. (More about those cake pops tomorrow!)