hello hello / by jen geigley

Today, it is 15 degrees outside. There is a woodpecker on our roof, pecking at the ice. I can hear it loud and clear inside the house. I am knitting three different things intermittently. Uploading gobs of photos. Doing a lot of planning and pondering. I just want to buy a pad of graph paper so I can rough out a new set of knitting patterns. And then work on that for the next few months. I read and was inspired by Trond Anfinnsen's 1 Man + 2 Needles book. I would love to embark on a creative project like that. I have a few January goals but most of them are similar to years past ... drink more water, run every day, get in shape, blah. Boring. I'm looking forward to a little trip back home with my best little traveling companion. I've compiled a mile-long list of favorite songs from 2010 for my friend Laura's mix tape exchange. But I need to give them all a good listen to make sure everything flows. I'm admiring Bo's good taste in my new Lip watch that I got over the holidays. I like that he knows me well enough to pick out watches. Because that's a very personal thing. I would like a few hours to myself to just sit in a book store, drink coffee and look at books for as long as I want. I need to let my imagination run. And I have been wondering about this blog ... what am I doing here? Is it worth it?