this year, I'll ... / by jen geigley

Learn to knit! (You know you want to.) Is learning a new skill or taking a crafty class on your list of resolutions? Because I'd say 2011 is your year.
Ephemera, one of the loveliest shops in Des Moines' East Village, just posted their new class schedule for January 2011. And once again they'll be offering a two-class beginner knitting session. (Check out Ephemera's class calendar here.)
You could join the likes of these awesome ladies and go out into the world as a full-fledged knitter. And purl-er.  ;)
I promise you can do it. Even if you're saying to yourself right now "I'm not crafty." Or "I'm not patient." Or "I could never do that." I swear, you really really can! You'll be so glad you did. Go here to find out more or sign up for class. Hope to see you there.