handmade snowfall / by jen geigley

So, I've been in the mood for an easy holiday craft that Lo and I could do together this weekend, and this winter, snowflakes seem to be the thing. We don't currently have any white stuff on the ground, but I know it's coming! I first caught a glimpse of Gifted magazine on Creature Comforts, and saw this branch/snowflake mobile idea and knew it would be just the thing for us to try. Branch? We've got plenty of those.
Paper cutouts? Perfect time to practice using safety scissors.
We made super easy 4 and 8-point stars/snowflakes, which I can proudly say I learned from my childhood craft resource, Childcraft. (I loved that book.)
Yes, Childcraft. Make and Do. Volume 11. For those of you who also owned that little library of goodness in the 80s.
We threw in some pine cones and sparkly beads to serve as weights on the end of each string of our mobile.
 And before you knew it ...
We had this...
 A handmade snowfall. I almost like it better than the real thing ... ;)