dear Market Day ... / by jen geigley

Dear Market Day: Well, here's to the end of another wonderful craft season. It's been fun. This year brought a location change or two, a new P.A. system and Scott Rocketship spinning vinyl. We ate DarbyCakes and White Boy Burritos. We supported each other, learned from each other and helped each other grow. My craft fair experience here in Des Moines gave me the courage to knit for Renegade this year, something I never thought I could do. Market Day provided a way for a nerdy mom who knits to make a little extra cash while sitting on the couch in her pajamas, watching Netflix movies late at night. (Really late at night.) 

Thanks to this experience, I have met and had the chance to spend time with so many talented friends. Like Erin, Leslie, Sarah, Amanda, Danelle, Daphne, Lara, Dani, Scott and Cat. Handmade is fun. But the people might be the very best part. (Definitely the very best part.) So, Market Day, thanks for everything. And see you next spring.