summer has come and passed... / by jen geigley

I was just looking through all the different sets of pictures left on our camera card, and it's becoming quite clear that the summer days are coming to a close. I'm already missing sunny days spent with this motley crew.

Bo and his dude friends have taken their trip to the boundary waters and are back with many stories and pictures to share. (All of them are happy to be sleeping in their warm beds.)

And over the long weekend, I spent an hour or so with two friends who are about to get married.

Just goofing around and taking photos.

Now, I'm no photographer, but when friends need someone to take a few pics, I'm there.

They were so much fun.

And I think we definitely ended up with some pretty sweet shots of them just being themselves.

And finally, I decided to do a couple quick family portraits of the three of us. Which was inspired by Rachel's posts here and here. (Such a cool families; such cool photos.)

We all hopped on the Vespa + sidecar and I threw the camera on top of a cooler and switched on the timer. Not so perfect results, which is okay. We're kind of in the shadows and you can barely see Lo's head peeking through here but at least it helped me realize that we can (and should) do this more often. Sometimes you've gotta embrace the imperfection and go with it.