five years. / by jen geigley

I met this boy almost ten years ago. On a blind date, over coffee. Four years later, he proposed at that same coffee shop where we had sat and talked for the very first time.

One year after that we got married, wearing Chucks and Vans.

(wedding pics by Joe Murphy)
This year, as we celebrate our fifth anniversary, I'm still feeling like a pretty lucky girl. I don't know how I found this guy, or how he found me. I don't know how I found true love, a guy who makes me smile every day, or laugh in the middle of a spat. He's the best dad in the universe and I am proud to start our little family on this foundation we've built. While we're not perfect, we're close. I think Howard Stern once said that you can't be 100% compatible, but you're good if you can shoot for 98%. We'll go with that.