scrap love. / by jen geigley

My floor is covered with tiny scraps of paper lately and here's what I've been doing ...

An ode to Bo + Jen. (Next month is our 5th anniversary!) We both love this Weezer song. It reminds me of something I said while we were dating. I told him he'd be really stupid if he broke up with me because we were too perfect for each other. And later he told me that was the moment that he knew he loved me. (ha!)

An ode to ... ummm, what was I saying? What was that? Head in the clouds much? Yup.

I had to scrap this photo right away. I took this one a week or two ago when I was playing with Lo outside and letting her run around barefoot in her little sun dress.

And another recent photo. Rainbow pajamas and the crazy SpongeBob hat from Wal-Mart. That she picked out herself and wants to wear everywhere. The girl can accessorize. It's one of those 'sorry kid, it's going in the scrapbook' photos. The ones you want to really want to show the future prom date.

An all-smiles photo from the 4th of July. Perfect with the AC ice cream paper. Sure-fire way to get your two year old to smile? Tickle her.

These Beastie Boys lyrics get used a lot by crafty girls these days. But this page is all about my playlist that I listen to while I'm working on freelance stuff or knitting or messing with paper and glue. These activities always include B-Boys. Scrapping and knitting, rhyming and stealing.

And this is an older page but I was looking through my things and it's still one of my favorites. Not only because my friend Erin is on it (along with the story of our would-be band name) but because I think it's such a great use of periods. And that black and white thought bubble background (American Crafts) is my favorite paper ever. I need to find some more because I want to use it on everything. Pretty much all of the papers you see on this post are American Crafts, by the way. :)

A little card with one of my favorite sayings on it. I say this to Lotus all of the time. I also sing 'My Little Buttercup' a lot. From 'The Three Amigos.' (Please tell me you know what I'm talking about. Otherwise this is just awkward.) Yup Toni, stole that from you.

A little 'hi' card. These buttons look like candy to me.

And it was time for a new mini book. I made this using a cover from one of those AC 6x6" books in the $1.99 bin. (I ripped the page protectors out and used binder rings + grommets.) Every page has song lyrics on it. Most inspirational, all favorites. If you want a closer look, you can see all of the pages better here. I keep a Word doc of lyrics I really like so I may to have to add more pages to this book soon. I think it may be a cool thing to give to Lo someday, since a lot of the words are about being independent and strong and keeping your chin up. Good stuff. :)