need something to do this summer? / by jen geigley

Never fear. Because I have a some really great ideas to help you with that 'I'm bored and I don't know what to doooo....' feeling.

Here's my to-do list for the summer...

My first suggestion is an easy one. Do a Dare. I double dog dare you. Every Friday; something new. We've started a Flickr group, making it really easy to participate. Old Dares or new, we want to see what you're doing.

Today, we're doing our first ever Twit-Dare. Tweet-Dare. Whatever. On Twitter. If you're already following us, you've heard about it. If not you can see more here. Mine is above. (Click image to read some of my favorite tweets.) We think you should really take 10 minutes today and scrap a little something you've Twittered about. Or if you don't tweet, how about something you've blogged about? Hey, the words have already been written and all you have to do is find a photo. Super easy. Now get to it.

Now I want to share a few things that my ultra talented and creative friends are doing this summer. Starting off with Vee's ultra-cool ink, paint and layering mini-book workshop.

Kara's Music and Composition Journal: an Art Journaling Adventure 5 Day Class.

Kim's 'Going to a Happening' online travel journal class.

Rachel's 3-D Art Journaling boxed set. (She just listed the last bunch of these kits so now's the time to get one.)

Jamaica's Duly Notepad, which would make a very cute little place to record notes from your summer vacation.

Or check out her Tuesday Tutorial on extremely cool ways to bind little books on Ali's blog. I've been really inspired by her gorgeous photos alone.

*(photos above are from the girls' blogs/websites)