what we've been up to (and a winner!) / by jen geigley

We have a winner!
First off, thanks for all the sweetness on the last post. And the winner of the lovely yellow neckwarmer is... Toni! Email your mailing address to jgeigley [at!] gmail.com and I'll get it sent off to you ASAP.

And now a little Kansas City re-cap. Bo and I drove down for a date-night concert.

The venue was KC's Uptown Theater.

Which is totally gorgeous inside.

We weren't huge fans of Rise Against but Rancid was fast and hard and loud and perfect. They could do no wrong.

They played so many of our faves and could have played all night.

We stood on the fringe of the pit, yelled out all the words and wished they would have been the headliners. Oh well. It really was a killer show. We were going to head to the Beaumont later to catch the Rancid after-party, but it got pretty late and we were still standing outside so we didn't end up going. Funny enough, the Aggrolites were playing there – we have a little extra love for them because they're one of the guest bands on our fave kid show, Yo Gabba Gabba. (Watch 'Banana' below.)
The Aggrolites - Banana (Yo Gabba Gabba!)

We had to hit up a local Vespa shop that we happened to drive right past. Which was near this great graffiti wall.

(I loved the Star Wars dudes. You can't see Chewie or R2D2 here but they were rad.) And of course, we stopped at the Plaza so I could take a quick look around Anthro, U.O's, Paper Source and a few other stores.

We also stayed at the same hotel as Great White. We think. This would be based solely on the fact that we saw a brochure for a Great White show in the hotel lobby. It's very hard to tell for sure, because if you look up band photos, you'll find that the lineup has changed twenty times since the 80s. But we're pretty sure it was them. We crossed paths with a blonde rocker (maybe Michael Lardie) and his blonde wifey/girlfriend three times in the hallway. We saw the whole band in the lobby checking in. And again the next morning at the complimentary breakfast. Where we started making jokes about the danishes looking once bitten, twice shy. So that was fun.

And now we're back home with this little cutie. Who's been rocking this t-shirt so nicely.

In moped/scooter news, Bo finally got the '78 Kromag Pinto2 running.

So we've been driving our neighbors crazy by riding it through the back yard.

Actually, it's just me that rides it in the back yard.

Because I don't have a motorcycle license.

(Do I need one?)