scrap, 100,000 hits and a GIVEAWAY / by jen geigley

First off, I had fun with a few projects this week. New Dare is up today – go check it! (And if you want to make walnut pesto, here is the recipe I use.)

At the Creative Type, we took inspo from t-shirts to make our pages. (I used this one from Veer.)

Had to document my almost-getting-inked experience.

And today at Work Your Soul, I posted some ideas for using vinyl records and album covers. First, I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about growing up on Led Zeppelin. My dad was very rock and roll and some of my first memories are dancing around the living room to his Led Zeppelin and Queen records.

And then, I definitely wanted to get my daughter's current favorite songs down on paper. (For a two year old, she has very specific favorites that range from punk to metal to indie music!) I saw this awesome children's record at a thrift store about a year ago and the cover made the perfect background for this playlist. (Aren't those illustrations seriously the best?!)

And now for the GIVEAWAY!

Last night while I was sleeping, the hits on this blog hit 100,000. Wow. I never thought that anyone would read this thing. Thank you for coming along with me and sitting through my crafty ramblings, odes to motherhood, random heavy metal and punk concert musings, and so on. I have met so many cool people in this online world, and I love you guys.

Just leave a comment on this post and I will pick one lucky person on Monday night who will get this hand-knit-by-moi asymmetrical neck warmer. The yarn color is called 'citron.' It's mostly yellow with a green tint to it. Just in case the photo doesn't show that very well...

And yeah, I am aware that it is June and that this might be a strange thing to offer up in the middle of the summer. But yeah, I'm hoping you can make good use of it in the fall. Thanks again, blog friends!