tulips and ... motocross. / by jen geigley

Just a ton of photos, really...

Mother's Day weekend part 1: Tulip Time festival in Pella.

(Sometimes I think Lotus kisses the flowers instead of smelling them...)

The Dutchesses.

I love the dancing and singing. All in Dutch, and it's a family affair. Even the littlest kids participate.

This song was so sweet ... the kids sit on their dad's feet (under the 'windmill') and then the boys come and grab the girls' hands and then they run away together.

The Dutch letters were delicious.

The tulips were perfect and so bright and it's cool to see all of the varieties.

Lo and I wore matching Vans. Ha.

It was pretty much a perfect day to spend outside, and the perfect Mother's Day activity.

Part 2: We found out that there was going to be a freestyle motocross demo at Val Air (as part of the Disturbed show that night) so we headed over to check it out. Not the concert, just the motocross. Because Lo was with us.

Riders were Tommy Clowers, Myles Richmond and Destin Cantrell. They were doing crazy tricks and back flips. And probably nearly causing accidents for the cars passing by since the ramp was in the parking lot, right on Ashworth. Super fun to see, though. Hope you had a great weekend!