bento love / by jen geigley

Wishing Wendy (Wendolonia) a happy one year bento-versary! She has pretty much been my intro to bento and actually has me excited for preschool days and packing lunches. Wendy has been documenting bento lunches made for her son for a year now on her blog. (More than 175 lunches and she photographed all but 3 or 4.) As the mom of a super picky eater, I'm all about embracing cute food. Here are some of my faves from the blog...

I've been taking notes... cute shapes cut with cookie cutters.

picks and kabobs.

cheese shapes.

silicone muffin cups.

cute animal dividers peeking out.

tofu shapes and sprinkles on fruit.


checkerboard apples.

cute fruit.

and bunny sandwiches.

But of course the best part of bento lunches are the super cool containers.

And supplies/accessories. (all photos from Wendolonia)

Anyway, I'm still a rookie but since Lo has had a hard time branching out on her food choices lately, here's her simple lunch from today.

We'll settle for grape jam sandwich strips and cheese stars on a plate for now. Luckily, I have a little while before she heads to preschool to hone my bento skills. Thanks to Wendy for the fantastic ideas.