Behind the scenes (of Book no. 2) / by jen geigley

I've been sketching, dreaming, knitting and writing my latest hand-knit collection for the past year or so, and now it's finally time to put all the pieces together. I look forward to this part the very most. Once again I'm collaborating with my local dream team Joelle Blanchard and Joey Leaming, plus my gorgeous model friends Chantell Moody and Valerie Sanders. I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to work alongside these comrades of mine who just have creativity oozing from their bones. We laughed and listened to records this past week, and I think we've captured every stitch and tiny detail.

The photos have been shot. The patterns are receiving their final tech edits. The layout is coming together. Here we go again ... and I hope you'll come along for the ride. Book no. 2 (title still in the works) will be released later this month. Tell your mama. Tell your friends. Tell anyone whose heart can comprehend. <3