WIP Wednesday / by jen geigley

I feel like the queen of WIPs lately, but that's okay. I find that I'm a sloooow sweater knitter and I want to remedy that. Must knit faster. With zero distractions. In a perfect world. HA. Just like every other knitter out there, I'll get there eventually ... stitch by stitch, one row at a time.

Anyway, here are the two biggest projects on my needles right now. And I've got a good start on both, so they shouldn't take too much longer. You would think. ;)

The first is Greenwich by Martin Storey, and I'm using Rowan Super Fine Merino DK in a colorway called 'Zing.' I will admit that I've been working on this since October. (Flinch.) But it's coming along so nicely - I have finished the back and I'm about halfway through the front. The fabric is so extremely soft and springy, and I know I'm going to love this sweater when I'm done. If you've never knit with Super Fine Merino DK, here's the run-down: it's extremely buttery soft, and almost feels like rubber (in the best way) as it glides through your fingers. Weird but true. I am in love with this yarn. And the stitch pattern in this sweater is interesting, too – not complicated, but it's a k1 below rib which looks pretty great on both sides of the fabric and keeps things interesting.

My second WIP was my airplane knitting project on the way to and from NYC last week. I started the Julia Sweater from Wool and the Gang, and I'm knitting it with Shiny Happy Cotton in Ultra Violet. Again, this yarn is so extremely soft and cool and it's my favorite cotton yarn ever – it will not tear up your hands like some cottons do. This sweater is made of a loose-ish seed stitch fabric, which is going to give it some fabulous drape. I'm excited to finish and wear this one.

So, what are you working on? Are you on a sweater kick, too? Tell me, tell me. :)