FAQ / by jen geigley

What do you blog about? 
I blog about all sorts of crafts, scrapbooking, knitting and the mom life. From time to time, I throw in some music that I like or concerts I've been to. (I'm passionate about music!) You'll also see posts here and there about Vespas, scooters, skateboarding and snowboarding. All little parts of our life.

Where can I find you online?

Do you do freelance graphic design?
Yes. I design logos, corporate identity, print materials, publication design or custom invitations. Find samples of my design work here

Do you teach knitting classes?
Yes! I love teaching knitting to anyone and everyone who wants to learn. I teach adults and children ages 10 and up. I regularly teach at local schools and coffee shops, mostly in the fall and winter. (But if there's enough interest, I can absolutely teach in the summer as well.) For knitting class info, click here.

Where can I find your knitting patterns?
You can find all of my knitting patterns on Ravelry. (I hope to be adding more soon.)

Can I sell things made from your knitting patterns?
Knitting patterns are for personal use only, pretty please.

But ...

Can I use your patterns for charity?
Yes! You can sell/donate things you have made from my patterns for charity.

I have a question about your Gap-tastic cowl pattern. Where can I find answers?
You can most likely find your answer right here on the Ravelry Gap-tastic pattern page. There are nine pages of Q&As and I have answered most questions in-depth. If you have a question, odds are  someone else has asked, too! You can also search the 9,000+ completed Gap-tastic projects right here to see if someone else has used the yarn and/or needles you are using. That's a great way to get a preview of how your project will turn out. Check there first and if you still need answers, you can leave a comment on Ravelry or email me here.