randoms. / by jen geigley

How's it going? What's new? I've been feeling a rush of creative energy lately; I'm just not entirely sure what to focus on. I have a lot of little ideas in my head ... but they're just marinating for now. Life is a little scattered around here, so I'm sure things will fall into place eventually. Here's what we've been up to.
Lovely play-dates.
 Coffee putting a smile on my face and the warmth back into my body.
Rolling through the school drop-off line in my pajamas. (I swore I would never do that, yet here I am.)
 Meeting up with new friends at Mars Cafe.
 Striped paper straws. Making me feel all fancy.
 And cat-naps. New teeth. And 12-month shots.
Orange couches.
Blue eyes.
 Big bites.
 And bright-on fashion choices.

What's up with you right now? Does winter have you in a funk? Are you feeling a little scattered like me?