thankful. / by jen geigley

Sometimes, it's not all fun and games. Or smiles and laughter. Sometimes when you get your kids dressed in their Crewcuts and park them under your crafty felt Poppytalk Thankgiving banner, they are like hell to the no.
We are like any other family. Sometimes Lo doesn't want to get dressed or eat her breakfast; sometimes Bowie cries for an entire afternoon and I just try to comfort him any way I can. Sometimes they completely wear me out with the endless things they need during an average day. I rush back and forth and back and forth between them, and when Bo is home from work we divide and conquer. It's oh so busy ... but I love it. They are my world. They're growing and changing at light speed and as much as I want to slow things down so I can remember these wonderfully awesome busy days, I can't. And I could list a million things I'm grateful for.
I'm thankful for quality time with this kid.
 I'm thankful to be married to this awesomely fun, hands-on dad.
I'm thankful for this baby's sweet smile every single day. Even when he spits sweet potatoes all over my face.
I'm thankful for knitting. My zen. My balance.
But what it all comes down to is these two kids. There is nothing better in my world. I am so thankful for them. I love them when they're angels and I love them when they're total stinkers ... I love them with my entire being every single day. They don't have to smile under my silly banner.

Happy Thanksgiving.