The Unofficial Harajuku Mini Metal/Rock Band Font Breakdown / by jen geigley

Back when the Harajuku Mini/Gwen Stefani baby clothes line first came out at Target, I sort of freaked out a little bit. Over this fabric in particular. I couldn't find this exact one-piece playsuit where I live and couldn't get it online, so I asked my friend Vee send it to me from the East coast.
But then I became obsessed with the fonts/logos they used all over this pattern. If I could sit down with Gwen, I would ask her all about this because clearly it was intentional. I flipping love it. I found myself sitting on the couch holding my baby, wondering ... 'Is that green font supposed to be Poison? Nope. Def Leppard? Yup.'
And so, I bring you ... The Unofficial Harajuku Mini Metal/Rock Band Font Breakdown. In case you were wondering what all of those fonts were, too. It took some time but I think I have accurately matched them all up. (If you disagree, let me know.)
 'Thanks for clearing that up, Mom! People were losing sleep.'
 'I have to admit though, it's a little embarrassing sometimes. Who takes the time to do this? Making diagrams in Photoshop? Why can't you be normal like the other babies' moms?'