rainy day / by jen geigley

This baby is seven months old now. And this is what we did today.  
It was raining, and so we snuggled and listened to the rain drops hit the roof, deciding what we should do next.
 Smoochy kisses and and made-up songs?
 Making funny faces at the iPhone camera? Totally.
We should probably do something productive. Clean the house, do the dishes, run to Target. But it's still raining.
 Maybe later.

** I realize that I just made the stay-at-home mom life sound ridiculously lazy and awesome. And I will admit that sometimes, for very short fleeting moments of time, it is lazy and awesome. I am eternally grateful for each and every afternoon I have ever spent with my babies snuggling under blankets on a rainy day. And for every lazy and awesome moment I could share with you, I could tell just as many stories about frighteningly explosive diapers, nursing in McDonald's parking lots, what it feels like to be covered in spit-up and just how many ways a baby can find the opportunity to pee on you. My house is no cleaner than yours. I don't know what I'm making for dinner. But today the mom life is good and I'm not complaining.