last week in bentos / by jen geigley

Here are the lunches I packed for Lo last week. I'll start off by saying that she quickly let me know that these lunches were not as cool as the Phineas and Ferb ones I made for her last week. (Ahem.) Lo had short school days again, so some of her lunches ended up being more snack-y. Monday started off with rabbit food. Rabbit sandwiches with jam, cheese flowers, Annie's bunny crackers, carrots and a strawberry.

On Tuesday she had Wheat Thins, two kinds of cheese, salami and carrot sticks.
The letter of the day on Wednesday was the letter B, so I cut out a couple of B's from cheese to put on top of two heart-shaped ham sandwiches and threw in some apple wedges and Nilla wafers. She also had a container of yogurt.
Thursday! A Hello Kitty ham sandwich with raisin eyes and cheese for the nose and bow, with slices of string cheese on the side and graham crackers and carrot sticks under the sandwich.
Friday was a bit rushed but I did a repeat on the apple wedges and sliced-up string cheese, with bear and rabbit jam sandwiches. There are a few Cheez-It crackers underneath the apples. And that was it for the week! Poor Lo has had a bit of a rough time adjusting to the crazy shenanigans of lunchtime in an elementary cafeteria, and she asked me last week to make sure her lunches weren't too big so she could finish eating everything. She's complained of stomachaches a few different days, and I think it's because she gets nervous about the whole lunchroom thing. (Unless I have somehow given her food poisoning. Sheesh – I use two or three ice packs each day to make sure things stay cold!) But I'm sure things will get better as the next few weeks go by. I'm hoping that these lunches help to put a smile on her face when she opens them up each day.