my first Kindergarten bentos / by jen geigley

This week Lo started Kindergarten, which means that this was my first week packing real, actual school lunches! She went to school four days this week and has been lucky to have a 'transitional' schedule (which means she starts off with shorter school days) so this was a good chance to test out my portions and packing skills. I decided to kind of go big this first week and make a Phineas and Ferb character each day. I definitely don't plan on doing these fancy lunches every single day, but I thought this first week was special so I went with it. However, I am telling Lo not to expect cartoon characters in her lunch every time. Although now I'm sure she does. Anyway! Above, we have Phineas: a sandwich, salami, two kinds of cheese, tiny fruit leather pieces for eyes, with crackers and a strawberry.
And Ferb! Again, a sandwich, two kinds of cheese, raisin eyes, cut-up fruit leather rolls, edamame and baby carrots.
This is supposed to be Isabella. (Whatcha do-in'?) I wasn't as happy with how she turned out, but whatever. Cheese, sandwich, fruit leather and a layer of carrots and Nilla wafers underneath that you can't see here.
And finally, Candace! She's my favorite. Her head is a quesadilla, with cheese for facial features and hair.  And edamame, crackers under her head, more cut-up fruit leather rolls and a strawberry. This was a ton of fun but I'm ready to move on to something different (and more basic) for next week. I also felt like I was repeating a lot of the same foods this week so my goal is to branch out more next time.

**If you want ideas for your own Phineas and Ferb lunches, check here and here.