it's a celebration, stitches! / by jen geigley

Ravelry is having a celebration. And a design contest. It's Ravelry’s 5 year anniversary (and it has been 7 years since the idea of Ravelry was shared with the world.) Pretty fantastic, huh? I started knitting in 2008 and my friends made me join Ravelry right away, so it has been a huge part of my knitting journey.

To celebrate their anniversary, Ravelry is having a competition for a design that will be screen-printed on project bags, and there are a ton of great entries. If you happen to like mine (above), I'd love your vote. If not, that's cool too! Just vote for somebody.  :)

The entries are shown in a random order, and every voter sees a different order so I can't link you up to a specific page, but here's the link to the contest. Voting is only open to Ravelry members, and it's one vote per person. Thank you, knitting friends!