pay it forward (and a giveaway) / by jen geigley

Sometimes, you have a morning that requires coffee. You need it. Maybe it's chilly outside or you're super tired and you just know it will make you feel a little bit better. I needed this cup of coffee. It ended up being free. And it totally made my day. Yesterday, the woman in front of me in the drive-thru payed it forward and treated me (and a few cars behind me) to a free cup of coffee. So cool.
I've never been the recipient of a pay-it-forward-type situation, but I knew I wanted to do something nice for someone else right away. So I'm giving away these three hand-knit newborn hats.
Just leave a comment below and take your pick – let me know if you'd like cream, gray or light blue. These are definitely very small newborn-sized hats, so they won't work well for older babies. Just a little disclaimer. I'll pick three winners at random on Wednesday, April 18 with one catch ... you have to pass it on, pay it forward.  :)