baby life / by jen geigley

Ohmygosh, how's the baby life, you ask? (You didn't ask but let me tell you anyway.) We're definitely settling in. Bowie is a charmer, smiling all of the time. He's been going with the flow as we run from preschool to ballet to the library. He's fantastic at grocery shopping. He's been sleeping better at night. Usually. He's getting so big already.
He talks to us a lot. Lots of 'ohs' and 'ahs' and we swear that he says 'hi' half of the time. Some of his dark brown hair is falling out, and new lighter hair is growing back in. He has eczema. He smells super sweet. I can't stop kissing his cheeks. I snuggle him as much as I can. I let him sleep on my chest while I watch various shows on Netflix way longer than necessary. This is the baby life. It is good.