from here to maternity / by jen geigley

Remember these? Little memories, all part of the big picture. Corn dogs, Renegade, pumpkins, NYC ... and getting rounder week by week. A quick look back at the journey. Click here to see all of the maternity posts from 12 weeks on. I have to say that I am surprised that I managed to stick to the weekly photo thing. From the start, I wondered if I could really keep up with it. I worried that it would be redundant and boring and that I'd run out of things to say. Sometimes, I felt like total crap and wasn't exactly thrilled to be taking pictures. At all. But now I am left with this kind of rad history of what this pregnancy was like, and while it may not be perfect or beautiful or super creative, I know it will be cool to look back on someday. Want to see some stellar maternity series pics from some of my favorite bloggers? Check these out: Bleubird. Pacing the Panic Room. Create Loves. Walk to 40 Weeks.