40 weeks / by jen geigley

40 weeks. Hey, little dude. Happy Valentine's Day. Today is the day that we made it to exactly 40 weeks. It's due-date day. And kind of a cool one at that. It is a weird and miraculous thing to think back to last May, when this all began. When February seemed so very far away.
Here we are, and yes, I'm trying my best not to get too impatient but I can't lie. I really want to see this little guy's face and hold a tiny wriggling newborn body in my arms. I've had about four days (and four long nights) of contractions. The big ones. Sometimes they will be ten minutes apart for a few hours, but I'm not quite there yet. So here's hoping ... wishing ... praying ... for a speedy delivery of a healthy little baby boy. We can't wait to meet him.