37 weeks / by jen geigley

37 weeks. This is the week where things got big. Legit big. If you can't tell here, I'll assure you ... the kid is big and the belly is round.
According to our doc, the baby boy has dropped, I'm dilated to 3 cm, and things are a bit uncomfortable. Like ... even sitting. Is uncomfortable. But I'm good! Still trying to knock things off the to-do list ... car repairs, dentist appointments for Lo, and teaching my last round of knitting classes. Which I just finished tonight. My appetite hasn't been huge but I've been craving fruit. Berries. Smoothies. Mandarin oranges. Yummy treats for mom. Can't complain. We're almost there.
Mostly, my thoughts revolve around seeing this little boy's sweet little face for the first time. Any mom can relate. That's what gets you through those last weeks and days. Baby day-dreaming. So close now.