34 weeks / by jen geigley

34 weeks. I kind of want to live in my sweatpants right now. The dude weighs about five pounds. My stomach already feels like it's stretched to the max. We ordered a few baby things we needed and shopped for the necessities ... a pack of tiny diapers, pacifiers and various Johnson & Johnson products. It feels good to get ready. I feel so round that I'm barely even hungry and the dude is such a little wiggle worm! I know I've said it a million times before, but wow – this baby moves and flips around so much. We had yet another ultrasound and doc appointment last week, and within a few days he had flipped from head-first back to breech again. I can tell when he's doing this ... it feels pretty huge. This pregnancy has been so different than when I was expecting little Lo, but at least I know he's doing alright in there. He's definitely going to be a little skater boy.
This week, we worked on our decorating plan of attack for both Lo's room and the little dude's room. The prints on the floor here (both from Society6) are finding their way onto the kids' walls very soon. And if you know us in real life and have heard us joke about baby Cobra, the print on the left is the reason why. It says 'Lotus Cobra' and months and months ago when Bo and I first saw it, we immediately said 'that has to be his name!' It's kind of been a joke ever since, but we do really gravitate toward the odd names. So you never know.
Lo and I will be going to a 'sibling' class this weekend, where she'll learn all about her new big sister duties. She's pretty excited to go. I think she already has a lot of things figured out, and I'm really trying to make this whole thing a neat experience for her. I'm pretty proud of the responsibilities that she comes up with on her own; she already wants to teach him baby sign (she remembers a lot of them!) and read to him and give him baths. She's pretty much the sweetest. In the meantime, I'm getting ready for her fifth birthday party. Her actual birthday is quite close to my due date, which is kind of amazing. And a little scary. So we're planning the birthday festivities early, just in case. Let's hope that all works out.  ;)