33 weeks / by jen geigley

Things are going swimmingly and the nesting has begun. We've been gradually getting things set up in the little dude's room and I've been washing up tiny t-shirts and several pairs of Lo's old black and white Converse and Vans. Teeny tiny!
We were so smart to go unisex on a lot of the stuff we bought for her when she was a baby; I love that we have the chance to use it all again. Each time I pull a tiny pair of Vans out of a tiny shoebox, I can't help but let out a tiny squeal. They are so incredibly cute.
The holidays were fantastic and pretty chill, but this week was busy. After all of our family had come to visit, I had doc appointments, another ultrasound and had to pick up a rental car to drive around while my car was in the shop (after getting rear-ended) only to find out I have to take it back to get it fixed again next week. We got Lo a hamster for Christmas and we have discovered that (duh) it's nocturnal. The rest of the fam can sleep through its nightly activities and noisy wheel-running, but it's been driving me nuts and keeping me awake.
The little dude is now the size of a pineapple. Seriously. I can't stop drinking Ocean Spray cran-grape juice, can't stop eating sliced-up pears with peanut butter and I chew Tums like they're candy. I desperately want to fold things and organize things and put things away but at the same time, I know I should be spending these days resting up and enjoying the easy life. Soon enough, we're going to be shaking things up around here. I know what I'm in for (but it's still so hard to imagine.)