30 weeks / by jen geigley

30 weeks, and hi there ... I am round. The sweet barista at the coffee shop where I knit told me that I had really 'blossomed' this week. I think that's the nice way of saying, 'wow, you're round!'
I'm grateful to have winter coats that I can still manage to button/zip to stay warm. This is not one of them. My outerwear options are narrowing day by day. But no complaints! Time is going fast and I know the holidays will make things fly by even quicker.
This week was kind of hectic. I was rear-ended in my car (but everything turned out okay.) Bo went to Aspen on a snowboarding trip. Lo and I had lots of slumber party/movie nights and went to Ballet Des Moines' Nutcracker. Which was amazing. Christmas prep and random craft projects are in full-swing around here and the hustle is starting to wear on me, but there's still lots to be done (and lots of extra little things I want to do.) How about you?