29 weeks / by jen geigley

This week, I had another ultrasound to check on things. The news was not what we had hoped for but everything is still okay. I feel good. I'm on something they call 'pelvic rest.' I get Braxton Hicks like crazy. We signed Lo up for sibling classes at a local hospital, so she can hone her big sister skills. I watched 'The Business of Being Born,' researched the pros and cons of circumcision, and continued on the search for the perfect name. We have one we that we like, but we still need to sleep on it.
I made lists ... a 'what we already have vs. what we still need' list and a list of things to pack in my hospital bag. I feel like I have forgotten about all of the gear a newborn requires. The little dude is a major kicker ... way more than Lotus was back in the day, although she was really active, too. I'm already to the point where I can look down and see my stomach shift shape as he rolls around in there, jabbing outward with his elbows and knees and feet and rump. I really think he's going to be a mini-Bo. 
I've fallen in love with a new late-night indulgence: Edy's Key Lime Pie Slow Churned Frozen Yogurt. Which tastes much more like ice cream than yogurt. It is divine. I desperately want to nest and move things from Lo's old room to her new room, but I'm not supposed to lift more than 10 pounds now, so I'm trying to relax and wait. This is hard. I did a lot of knitting this week (for other people and to fill orders) and will be taking part in my last craft show of the season tonight. I can't wait to start knitting a few projects on my own list ... stuff for the kids. I'm going to have two kids. (I can say that out loud now, right?)