finger knitting (for little fingers) / by jen geigley

I knit a lot, and for a couple of years now, Lotus has been asking me to show her how to knit, too. 
Finger knitting is a great introduction to knitting or weaving, and it's perfect for kids. 
Lo is in preschool, and I taught her how to finger knit when she turned four. She can almost handle the needles, too, but this is a little bit more fun for now.  She asks me if she can finger knit all of the time!
She loves picking out yarn and making things all by herself.
A few months ago, we made a little video to show you how to get started. I'll let the video explain, but it's basically like knitting on a loom. You wrap, and then lift the loops over each other to make knitted rows. Easy peasy!
When you're ready to finish off your strip of finger knitting, carefully remove the loops from your fingers and cut the yarn, leaving a 6" tail. Thread your tail through the eye of a needle (without pulling apart the loops) and go through each loop with your needle, one at a time, until you've caught all the loops. Pull tight and make a knot. If you want to make doll/stuffed animal scarves like we made here, cut a few pieces of fringe and attach them to each end. Hope you and your favorite little knitter have fun with this!