23 weeks / by jen geigley

Yup, it's a legit bump. I find myself spilling crumbs on it and having to brush them off my shirt. It's getting harder and harder to zip my normal-sized hoodies. I have to try really hard not to have a little accident when I sneeze. I have had a craving for Chinese food for two solid weeks and at night, I almost always have a hankering for key lime Yoplait yogurt. I'm enjoying full-on karate chops to my insides. They keep me up late at night and that's okay. I've started to collect tiny baby boy clothes in various shades of blue and green. We've nearly finished our kitchen remodel and scored a new platform twin-sized bed for Lo's new room. A bigger bed for big sis ... it's almost exactly like the Berenstain Bears 'new baby' story. (Only papa bear isn't going into the woods to carve a new bigger bed ... out of a tree.) We're having fun with this new stage in our life, and looking forward to the months ahead.