the news ... / by jen geigley

We had our ultrasound today. So, what's the word?
Yup.  :)
We're officially adding a little dude to the family. A boy is going to be running around our house, tearing it up. (And yes! I snagged the chalkboard thought bubble from Rachel at Red Velvet last weekend at Renegade. It's super fun and you can get one here.)
I think Lo was a tiny bit disappointed at first that she wasn't getting a little sister, but she's totally cool with the boy thing now. She's such a sweetie and is going to be a fantastic big sis.
Dad is super stoked. We all are super stoked! It was an extra fun day for all of us. Since the weather was completely gorgeous this evening, we ended the day with dinner on the grill, ate outside on the patio, and then we took a long family walk as the sun was setting. Feeling super blessed today, and you can't wipe the smile off my face.