17 weeks / by jen geigley

17 weeks and feeling little kicks. I'm really getting amped up to know more about who exactly is in there and I've been comparing everything I've been eating and feeling to the old wives tales that claim to predict gender. If you crave citrus, it's a girl. Feeling pretty? It's a boy. Who knows. I'm almost scared to guess (even though it seems that everyone I talk to thinks it's going to be a boy.) I'm not really sure I know what I think yet. We don't have any names picked out yet and we'll probably wait until the ultrasound to venture down that road.
I'm starting to miss my normal jeans (although I often cheat with the old ponytail elastic band through the buttonhole trick.) But I've been feeling pretty good these days and can't complain about a thing. Feeling lucky, feeling blessed, and trying my best to take it all in.