fun with bento / by jen geigley

Along with back-to-school time comes lunch time, and I love lunch time. Our kitchen is still in mid-demolition stage, but that has given me the chance to go through everything that was in our cabinets so I can sort and reorganize. Which reminded me that while I've posted some of my past bento-ish lunch plates in the past, I've never really shared what was in my bento stash. Like, the tools. If you're curious about bento, here are the supplies I've stocked up on.
First, the little things. In the upper left corner are some small ocean-themed cutters (for cheese or meat or what-have-you) and hotdog shapers. (I'll get to those in a minute.) In the upper right are various food picks. Lower left has tiny sauce/condiment containers, as does the lower right (with one more wiener shaper.)
If you've never seen hotdog shapers, this should tell you everything you need to know. They're the newest addition to my bento supplies, and Lo just recently started eating hotdogs so I can't wait to try them out. This pack has a crab, a fish and penguins. Super cool or kind of gross? I can't decide.  :)
Here we have some sandwich punches, egg shapers for hard-boiled eggs and baran sheets. (Which are little plastic-y dividers used to separate different foods in your box.) I ordered some of these new supplies last week with my pal Sarah from this website.
 Here are several food cups in various sizes, some given to me by my sweet friend Morgan!
I stocked up on some new silicone baran sheets and dividers, which you can wash and use over and over again, unlike the paper kind.
This is my most favorite Hello Kitty rice mold set with punches, also from my friend Morgan. My niece has dared me to make one of those really elaborate Hello Kitty bentos, like these. Umm, someday?
And finally, two new bento boxes – the first one is 3-tiered (the top tier is for silverware) and the second box has just one compartment. These are really inexpensive and so cute ... each one was only $3.50. I promise to share some lunches soon so you can see what can be made with these lovelies. In the meantime, you should definitely check out two of my favorite bento blogs ... Wendolonia and Adventures in Bentomaking. (Wendy at Wendolonia just did an awesome post about bento box basics/tools. Check it.)