pepperoni / by jen geigley

Yup, it's a slice of pizza. A pizza scarf. I know, I know ... it's really cool.

I spent the past couple of days crocheting this slice of happiness. It has been so fun to watch it come together. What can be more fun than sewing pepperonis onto a cheese triangle!? Truth be told, I am not very good at crochet but I had to make this scarf. I was going to do whatever it took to bust this thing out.
The first time I saw a pizza scarf was on Twinkie Chan's website, back in 2008. I think. She's an extremely talented crocheter and has designed a ton of original food-related accessories. She's also quite funny, has some pretty rad tattoos and I love her blog, so I started following her there and on Twitter. Last winter, I found out she was going to release a book filled with her most popular designs and patterns. I was super stoked ... but a little bit frightened. I'm a knitter with hardly any crochet experience, but I had to make this pizza scarf. I had to figure it out. If anything was going to make me jump into crochet, this was it.
I bought Twinkie's book and some Malabrigo in Cadmium yellow. And by the way, if cheese could be a yarn, it would be this exact yarn. The crust, pepperonis and sauce were made with Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in honey, cranberry and scarlet. 
I was so pleased to discover that I could totally do this. Twinkie's instructions and diagrams and explanations were really clear and easy to follow. Even for a knitter like me. This was the first time I had ever done a half double crochet. Or a triple crochet. Or a shell. Or a bubble stitch. You can tell she really knows her stuff and knows how to explain the construction of these creations. I'm excited to make more projects from her book soon. (Lo has been asking for the cupcake scarf.)
So yes, I'm extremely happy with how this turned out. I can't wait to wear it everywhere. More specifically, I can't wait to wear it to a pizza place. Like Fong's. I don't care if it's almost summer. If you see a girl about town wearing a pizza scarf, yes, that will be me.